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Bioinformatics Scientist

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Computer Science
Information system modelling: Z, ZSP, Merise methods (UML)
Programming languages: C, C++, Pascal, Scheme, Ada, JAVA (JNI, RMI, SWING, J2EE), Prolog, Lustre, Perl
Web technologies: HTML, XHTML, CSS, Java (JSP/Servlet, JaxB, JDBC), PHP, XML (XPATH), XSLT, SMIL, SOAP (AXIS)
Software and hardware Architectures: assembler language (SPARC)
Databases (DBMS): SQL - Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL
Operating systems: UNIX, GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows (95, 98, Me, 2000, XP)
Development tools: Eclipse, Ant, Maven, JProbe
Component Applications: Lifecycle, concepts and implementation
Algorithmics and techniques in distributed systems
Cluster architectures for high-performance computing
User interface models
Neural Network
Knowledge bases genetic, genomic
Biostatistics: R Microbiology
Data mining (Weka), annotation, phylogeny(Phylip) Databases and software for bioinformatics: EMBL, UniGene, Swiss Prot, PIR, TrEMBL, UniProt, InterPro, SRS, BLAST, Fasta, ClustalW, Dialign, GeneMark, OrfFinder
Sequence analysis: homology search, pattern matching, gene prediction, multiple alignment, structures prediction Microarray: MIAME, MAGE, MGED Ontology
proteomic, transcriptomics Cellular Biology and Eukaryote Genetic
Biochemistry, enzymology

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